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Pilgrimage Tour

Eco-Trek offers once in a life time opportunities in the remote and wondrous region of Tibet, Nepal and India for Hindus and Buddhists.

We offer a variety of special tours some of which include shorter treks. Here is a description of our extended Mt Kailash tours but keep in mind that you can design your own trip to include everything you want to experience. Like all Eco-Trek treks and tours, all you have to do is send us a message and we will start creating the trip that you want.

Yatra to Holy-Kailash and Manasarover:

To the world’s Hindus and Buddhists, Mt Kailash is the high, remote western borderland of Tibet is the centre of the universe, the holiest of holy. It definitely looks the part, rising like a lone apparition form the windswept alpine meadows that surround it on all sides. On its immaculate white 22,000-foot summit legend says, the worlds of humankind and gods meet. Pilgrims come from as far away as the tropical plains of southern India and beyond to walk the ancient, shrine studded pilgrims’ trails that circle the base of the holy-peak. Following in their footsteps, walking alongside rugged nomads, Hindu holy men and jewel-adorned aristocrats on horseback, it is easy to believe, as they do, that a single pilgrimage around Kailash burns away a thousand years of ignorance and bad karma. Breathing that rarefied air, eyes filled with brilliant rock, snow and sky, passing a veritable Canterbury Tales-worth of medieval style fellow travellers, magic seems logical, the power of the place undeniable. Before or after completing the circuit, the group will visit the exquisite turquoise color Lake Manasarovar, also considered to be very sacred.

Fixed departure date to join in 2007

Day Dept. 1 Dept. 2 Dept. 3 Dept. 4 Dept. 5 Dept. 6 Dept. 7 Itinerary KM Hrs Ht-M
01               Arrival & shift to Hotel. - - -
02               Pasupatinath darshana - - -
03               Drive to border 115 5 1500
04               Nyalam 40 3 3800
05               Saga 252 8 4640
06               Parayang 185 7 4540
07               Manasarovar 277 8 4510
08               Manasarovar excursion      
09               Dharchen 40 1.5 4700
10               Asthaparbat hike      
11               Derapuk Gumba trek 18 7 4909
12               Juthulpuk via Dolmala 22 9 4790
13               Manasarovar   6  
14               Parayang   8  
15               Saga   7  
16               Nyalam   7  
17               Back to Kathmandu   7  
18               Departure      

Costs: US $1700.00
Group size: 25 and above in each group

Cost includes: 3 meals/day

  • Twin-sharing room in Kathmandu using medium standard hotel will international standard facilities. 
  • Group sharing rooms or tents on the trip inside Tibet.
  • Yak to carry luggage during the yatra
  • Visa and all fees (group visa)
  • All the transportation with group

Cost does not includes

  • lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • using extra nights in lodge (except the mentioned on itinerary).
  • Yak/porter for personal using Rescue/ evacuation or all the extra cost because of partition from the main group or serious health condition.
  • Flight or any costs TO or FROM Kathmandu from your destination/ home town.
  • Using hiring sleeping bag/jackets costs IRS. 840.00 per person extra/ using for 14 days
  • No cost is including for those who separate from the main group
  • 16 to 24 people in each group

Booking condition: 
All the personal details must be sent 2 months in advance with 25% (out of total trip amount) non-refundable advance payment.

Recommended clothing and equipment list for the trip:
Mount Kailsah tour Sleeping bags (down with inside extra cover), jacket (down) / polar fleece, with rain and water proofed, thermal underwear, wind / rain-proof trousers, woolen and sun hats, scarves (muffler), woolen or cotton socks, gloves, trekking boots, sun/snow glassed, towel, t-shirt/s, sunscreen/sun lotion, flash light with extra bulbs and batteries, sandals, water bottles, day pack (for your day time necessities), kit or duffel bag (to keep your personal belongings) first aid box /personal medicine walking stick.

Please do not carry unnecessary items and / or valuables. 
Be sure you have the needy items !
Warm clothes , water bottle, water purification tabs, sun tan lotion utility knife, dusk musk , medicine for headaches, fever, colds, stomach disorders and diamox (unless you are allergic to sulpha drugs) for altitude sickness , It is also good to carry dry fruit , juice powder , breads, candy, canned or packed food, nuts, pickles and biscuits.

Good Health:
Even though participants do not need to submit any health certificate those with a history of medical problems, particularly cardiac or respiratory, should consult a doctor before deciding to undertake the trip. It is rigorous and challenging trip where all the time spent at high altitudes. At least 2 months regular practice is recommend either 2 hours daily running, swimming, or joining on a health club may help to complete the yatra very successfully.

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